Subject Target:

  • To develop students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • To provide students with opportunities to learn English
  • To arouse students’ interests in learning English and using English confidently


Our Curriculum:

  1. To develop school-based curriculum according to students’ abilities
  2. To create a language-rich environment to expose students’ English and provide multi-purpose activities such as English Day, English Ambassadors, English Drama Team, English Debate Team and English puppetry Team
  3. To provide students’ opportunities to experience western culture through exchange programmes
  4. To use e-learning to make learning more effective and fun


English Activities:

  • English Day ( English Little Host )
  • English Festival Activities ( Halloween Fun, Christmas Ho! Ho! Ho!, Easter Hunt )
  • After-lunch Activities (Board Games, English Cartoon Time, Story Reading)
  • Spelling Bee Contest
  • English Speech Festival
  • Drama Festival


In order to enhance the reading ability of P.1 and P.2 students, our school implements ‘Read and Sing Programme’ this year. Core teachers select some information books which the topics of the books are related to students’ textbooks. Subject teachers read them with the kids in reading lessons. Reading skills are also taught through reading across curriculum. Besides, core teachers rewrite the lyrics for some popular songs. It can help students in learning target vocabulary items and sentence patterns.


  • Our school aims at providing quality education to children, thus, the school applied for PEEG Grant this year, and the funding was used for buying information books and hiring a contract English teacher.

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